"I spent time researching many landscape companies within Folsom and the surrounding area. When my wife and I met Julie Kelly we knew in an instant she was the one we wanted

to work with to make our dream yard.  Julie listened to the ideas of how we wanted our landscaping to turn out. She then took those ideas and expanded on them to make them really come to life.  I call her a landscape artist because she looks at blank dirt and old bushes and creates works of art that we could have never imagined. My wife and I have no talent for growing anything and after the transformation of our yards in the hands of Julieand her crew we were invited to be a premier house on the Folsom Garden Tour! Juliecontinues to update and maintain our yard always giving us new ideas and trying out new species of plants and trees so our outdoor living space never gets dull.  Julie, and the rest of the team at Juliethe Garden Girl made us into believers that you don’t have to have a green thumb to have an amazing yard that exceeds your wildest dreams. I know as long as Julie is by my side I have complete peace of mind that my house will look amazing and out outdoor living spaces will get lots of use. I cannot recommend Julie the Garden Girl enough for any job. I recently had them complete a job at my commercial building and everyone including my tenant who is very particular was overjoyed. Thanks Julie!" - Rob and Ross
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"Julie and her crew did an amazing job on my front yard. She removed everything and re-designed the whole yard including a patio and walkways.  It is now teeming with butterflies, hummingbirds and bees.  A truly beautiful garden. Since I’m on a corner it’s even more impressive. I am continually complemented by those who walk by. I can’t thank Julie enough for making my front yard a truly beautiful and peaceful garden." -Arlene




"Julie, Garden Girl, Kelly came in my life about 2 years ago.

My side yard was an eyesore.  For decades it had been regularly mowed weeds with a small spot of old plants surrounded by rocks.
  The side yard was actually tired looking and ugly.

My neighbor across the street has a green thumb and beautiful yard.  Of course she’d be a good person for a reference for a side yard makeover. She’d known Julie for a long time and highly recommended her. Julie came by after a day’s work in her work clothes including cute rubber boots and beautiful earrings.  She was friendly, sassy, humble and impressively knowledgeable.  We chatted for awhile and in no time she got a feel for what I might love in my new side yard.  I was so impressed in how intuitive she was in suggesting what plants and designs I might like.  She knew better than I did what would be perfect in my side yard.  Then came the estimate!  I’d never put much money in my yard and had lived here over 40 years.  After gulping I agreed to go for it.  Julie took me for a shopping excursion at Green Acres only allowing me in certain aisles that had plants adaptable for my yard and environmentally friendly.  Julie, Mike and 2 of her workers were working in my yard long hours removing old soil and vegetation.  Within no time I felt like I had the best bargain ever.  My side yard exceeded anything in my wildest dreams.  It is the most beautiful job I’ve ever seen!  It has a variety of colorful & gorgeous plants, a winding path (my granddaughter says she wants to get married there), 4 stepping stones with my grandkids name on them.  They took out ugly and put in amazing!  Neighbors and other people constantly stop by to compliment my yard.  I’m still totally in love with it.  Last year year Julie came by to revitalize a few plants.  This year I asked her to come to check on the plants’ progress.
Julie is the most creative person I ever met.  She knows her trade, plants, and people to the core.  If there was a president of the plant kingdom, I’d vote for JULIE!"
-Billie Snow

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"We renovated our front and back yard using The Garden Girl, Juile Kelly and could not be more pleased. Julie implemented a low-maintenance smart landscape design that has thrived in the Folsom climate.

We are very satisfied with the results and anybody that visits our home marvels at the new look. Juile's crew did a remarkable job of designing and planting just what we wanted. This is a testament to Julie and her friendly dedicated professional approach to completing a landscape project on time and to our satisfaction. Julie was very receptive to minor adjustments along the way to suit our needs and we were especially impressed with Jose & Mike's craftsmanship and dedication to detail with our paver patio and paver stepping stones in our front yard. This project required a multitude of landscape services and skills which included:  plant removal and/or relocation and installation, drainage and irrigation setup, installation of a patio made out of pavers and hand-formed stepping stones crafted from pavers, spreading of mulch, bark, rock and fertilizer. This landscape do-over has reduced our water bill significantly! Julie has visited our home several times since the initial project to check on things and make sure we are satisfied.  We would highly recommend Julie Kelly, The Garden Girl to anyone seeking a professional landscape contractor." — John Moore

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